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Heavy Rainfall Slows Things Down in Traverse City

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Grand Traverse County didn't see a break in the clouds today.

Several inches of rain covered roads and sidewalks, slowing things down.

Some businesses say the wet weather really put a damper on the summer crowds today.

Lauren Truschke, server at Pangea's Pizza in downtown Traverse City says, "We had to close down our deck, it's completely destroyed out there and soaking wet, so nobody wants to sit outside and we've been pretty slow inside today as well."

Brave people still made the trip into town during the storm and had a scary experience.

Rob Morley was walking around downtown and tells 9&10 News, "There's a lot of hydroplaning coming in through Glen Arbor and there was a lot of hydroplaning along 72 to 31, both lanes."

The Flash Flood Warning has been lifted for Grand Traverse County but our weather team is tracking another storm heading towards the lakeshore, stay tuned for updates.