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UPDATE: Mancelona Middle School Break-In Has Police Searching For Suspects

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Antrim County Sheriff's Office arrested one adult male and a 16 year old for breaking into the Mancelona Middle School.

The Sheriff's Office is trying to charge a third male, 14 years old. 

The adult is Scott Heckert, 18 years old from Mancelona. The other names are not being released since they are minors.

The three got into the school through the roof skylight over the art room.  There is some damage to the roof, cabling, and antennas. Damage cost is unknown at this time. 

Once inside, they covered their faces and went to the cafeteria. They took frozen food, milk, and other items. 

The subjects came across an IT employee and ran out of the school.

Surveillance video gave the school leads. Police conducted interviews and located stolen property.

All individuals have been identified.  


Police are searching for two male suspects who broke into Mancelona Middle School Tuesday night. 

The suspects broke in the west side of the school in the art room area. 

The male subjects covered their faces with a mask and newspaper. 

They went to the kitchen for several minutes.  The taller male went upstairs in the cafeteria and was confronted by an employee who was working late. 

The smaller male exited the school through the cafeteria side door carrying food from the kitchen. 

The taller male ran back to the art room area and left through the art room door. 

Suspect #1 is described as slight build, blonde curly hair, no shirt, jeans with a white belt and white tennis shoes.  He was wearing a yellow bandana around his neck.  He used a newspaper to cover his face.

Suspect #2 is smaller with a heavier build, dark hair, dark blue T-shirt with red logo on the front, and wearing tennis shoes. He used a multi-colored foil mask to cover his face. 

Police believe both males are school age but unable to determine if they are high school or middle school. 

The suspects seem to be familiar with the school. 

There was no damage to the school. 

If you have any information about the suspects, call Antrim County Sheriff's Office at 231-533-8627.