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Hook and Hunting: DNR Stocking Walleye in Michigan Lakes

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The DNR stocked more than 4-million walleye in ponds throughout Michigan this spring and summer. 

One Mesick bait and tackle shop says fisherman are reaping the benefits. 

Hodenpyle Pond is just one of 120 fishing holes impacted by the walleye stocking.

Thirlby's cashier says a population increase in a favorite fish will do wonders for the fishing community and local economy.

Starting Sept. 5 the Department of Natural Resources' Weekly Fishing Report will be available via a toll-free telephone number. Anglers will now be able to hear the report, previously accessed by a Lansing-based number, without incurring any phone charges.

The report's current phone number is 517-373-0908, but on Sept.5 that number will become 1-855-777-0908. Please note, after Sept. 5 the Weekly Fishing Report will no longer be available through the 517-373-0908 number.

You can also access the report online at www.michigan.gov/fishingreport.