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UPDATE: Cigarettes and Pastries Missing After Early Morning Break-In

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Mecosta County Police found 3 suspects involved in the break in at Woody's Grocery.

Police got confessions from 2 of the suspects. The 2 Mecosta men are held at Mecosta County Jail for breaking and entering and larceny of a tractor, which police received a complaint early Thursday also. 

Police are petitioning the court for the 3rd suspect, who is a juvenile from Stanwood, on the same charges.

Names are being withheld until the suspects are arraigned in court.


Several cigarettes and pastries are missing from a Mecosta county party store.

Deputies are now trying to figure out who broke into Woody's Party Store in the village of Mecosta, early this morning.

They say the suspects threw a large brick through the front door and took several packs of cigarettes and pastries.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Mecosta County Sheriff's Office.