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Suspects Under Investigation For Roscommon Assault

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Three men face serious charges after police say they got drunk and assaulted several people.

Police say a female resident returned to her home to find highly intoxicated, disorderly people in her yard.

When asked to leave, they refuse and she tried to chase them away using an axe handle. 

One of the intoxicated men knocked the woman on the ground and then threatened her with the axe handle he took from her.

A male neighbor tried to step in and yelled over the fence. The suspect and two other intoxicated people then tried to assault that neighbor, his son and a friend.

The intoxicated subjects took off with the female's axe and large knife or machete to assault the neighbors. A struggle left the suspects and the neighbors son and friend with non-life threatening injuries.

The 3 suspects then fled the scene.

Roscommon County Sheriff's Department and troopers located the suspects at another residence.  Two suspects were taken by police and a third was found hiding in the woods. 

Shaun Salminen faces four counts of felonious assault and two counts of assault and battery. His brother Zachary Salminen is charged with assault and battery. Jeremy McCarrik is charged with felonious assault.

The investigation in ongoing.