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Pig Farmer Faces DNR in Missaukee County Court

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It was a pig farmer up against the DNR in a Missaukee County courtroom today.

The DNR says Mark Baker's hybrid pigs violate an invasive species order.

But Baker, the owner of Baker's Green Acres in Marion, disagrees.

So the case began to play out today in a Lake City courtroom.

The DNR filed a case against the farmer in February of 2012.

Now Baker could face up to $700,000 in fines.

The courtroom packed to capacity listened intently to the arguments between the attorneys for Mark Baker and the DNR.

Mark says he anticipates there will be a trial, which is important since his case affects not only him and his family, but plenty of others.

The DNR and their attorneys left the courtroom immediately following the hearing, so 9 and 10 News couldn't get their comments on today.

If the judge does choose to take this to trial, that trial will begin in late August.