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Heavy Holiday Traffic in Northern Michigan

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Many Northern Michigan highways are at a stand still today as visitors return home after the holiday weekend.

Bumper to bumper traffic could be seen across the area.

We took a closer look at M-115 in Wexford County where vehicles were backed up for miles.

Just yesterday, a two car accident killed a man in Wexford County because the driver didn't stop at a stop sign. The Wexford County Sheriff's Department says it's crucial to stay alert.

Deputy Ajay Schopieray says, "In cases like this with the traffic being so heavy, obviously we're not going to get speeders, but what we'll be watching for is the people that are impatient that try to pass other people which could cause accidents."

9&10's Katie Boomgaard rode along with a Wexford County deputy as he surveyed the heavy traffic.