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Feedback at 5:00: Random Acts of Kindness

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One man's final wish is growing into something bigger than anyone could have imagined.

Aaron Collins passed away last July.

In his will, he asked that his family go out to dinner and leave their server a $500 tip.

Aaron's brother, Seth Collins, and his parents taped the first tip at a pizza place in Kentucky.

The video went viral, and the money started pouring in from all around the world from donors who wanted to see Seth do it again.

He's now given a big tip every week, for nearly one year.

Seth has now collected $60,000, with donations from every continent. 

He plans to travel all 50 states, giving out a $500 tip each week until it's gone.

For tonight's Feedback at 5:00, we asked if you've ever been a giver or a receiver of a random act of kindness.