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UPDATE: Man Arrested in Grand Traverse County with Suspected Counterfeit Money

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An Idaho man is currently being held at the Grand Traverse County Jail after he was caught using counterfeit money.

Terry Blamires was arrested after paying with a fake $20 bill at a Traverse City business.

After he was arrested police also found meth and equipment used to print the fake money.

Blamires is charged with using and making counterfeit money, possession of meth, and for being a habitual offender.


We have new details tonight on the man accused of counterfeiting.

Deputies caught up with the man near the intersection of Garfield and Airport Roads in Traverse City yesterday afternoon.

They say the suspect from Idaho paid with a counterfeit 20 dollar bill at Brown Lumber. The clerk noticed the bill right away.

A uniformed police officer was also in line and was able to follow the suspect. Police say they found the man with Meth and a suspended licence.

One of the owners of the store said the man seemed hesitant.

The Sheriff's Department contacted the Secret Service who will help with the investigation.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on the investigation.