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Day 1 of Latest Baby Kate Search Comes to an End

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Day one of the latest search for Baby Kate has come to a close.

Volunteers and police spent the day scouring part of Mason County for botanical clues that could lead them to missing baby Katherine Phillips.

Police are focusing on a wooded area north of Scottville.

They are looking for a certain plant material to narrow down where Baby Kate might be.

Kate was just four and a half months old when she was last seen at her Ludington home two years ago.

Police are now treating Baby Kate's case as a homicide.

Her father, Sean Phillips, is serving time for unlawful imprisonment related to Kate's disappearance.

Investigators believe plant evidence found on Phillips' shoes could lead them to Kate's remains.

Police say today's search went as planned, and they are coming up with the plant and moss specimens they had been looking for.

Police say their findings have allowed them to look harder at certain areas more than others.

The plant samples they have collected from those areas are now considered evidence, and will be processed at a lab.

Police say they are going to continue to be diligent with their investigation.

Police say they anticipate things continuing to go well as the search continues.

Tomorrow's search will resume at 8 AM.

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