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Feedback at 5:00: Single-Use Plastic Bag Ban

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Los Angeles, California could soon become the largest city in the United States to ban plastic grocery bags.

The L.A. City Council approved an ordinance that would ban single-use plastic bags in stores that sell groceries.

The change is expected to be signed by either the city's outgoing Mayor, or the most recent Mayor-Elect who takes office in just a few weeks.

Stores would also have to charge 10 cents per paper bag if  customers didn't bring their own reusable tote.

Larger grocery stores would have until January 1st to phase out the use of single-use bags, and smaller stores would have until July 1st of next year to make the switch.

Environmentalists see this as a victory since a similar state-wide ban was knocked down less than a month ago.

Would you support a ban like this in your community?

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