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Feedback at 5:00: Sports Safety Gear

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The catcher wears one, so does the batter, but now you may see pitchers taking an extra piece of equipment to the mound.

Tampa Bay Pitcher Alex Cobb was hit by a line drive on Saturday.

He tweeted that he woke up with a quote "minor headache" and the team says he has a mild concussion.

Last month, Toronto's J.A. Happ had to be taken off the field on a stretcher when he was hit, and last year, Arizona pitcher Brandon McCarthy had to have emergency brain surgery after he was hit by a ball, and he continues to struggle with seizures.

Now, younger players like 16 year old Gunnar Sandberg, who was hit by a line drive, are pushing for the widespread use of protective pitchers helmets.

Major League Baseball has also studied several possibilities.

Most helmets only cover around 40% of a player's head, because anything more would be considered to bulky for the position.

What do you think of the use of pitcher's helmets for both pro and younger players?

It's today's "Feedback at 5:00."