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TEAM COVERAGE: Man Accused of Operating Puppy Mill Will Not Face Charges

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9&10 News dug deeper into a puppy mill case out of Missaukee County today.

When it comes to the dog's living conditions, the man accused will not be facing any jail time because it's a civil case and removing the dogs was the only thing they could do. But he does face criminal charges for his behavior last night.

John Jones from Lake City is the man accused of running a puppy mill near Lake City. Police seized the dogs because they say they were living in poor conditions.

Sheriff Jim Bosscher tells 9&10 news, "several times we ended up in court with him for the lack of getting a kennel license, he was unable to get a kennel license due to the conditions and the number of dogs that he had."

The Sheriff's Department says since he didn't comply with a kennel inspection, they handed the case over to the prosecuting attorney who then filed a civil complaint.

Missaukee County Prosecuting Attorney Bill Donnelly says, "in my mind if we file a criminal complaint against him for having a kennel without a dog license, he could be convicted of that, pay a fine, perhaps even be placed in jail for a period of time, but he could go right back and do it some more."

But in the end, John Jones was arrested and accused of resisting and obstructing a police officer last night and posted bond this morning.

9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Jake Johnson will explain in tonight's team coverage.