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UPDATE: Bellaire Man Faces Charges For Trying To Help an Inmate Break Out of Jail

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Derek Lavis of Bellaire was arrested this morning, and is facing charges for the crime now.

The sheriff says he was trying to help an inmate get out of jail.

And that's not all, they say Lavis was armed.

It all happened last night around 10:30 at the Kalkaska County Jail, in Kalkaska.

The sheriff says he's never seen anything like this happen there before.

Luckily, they were able to catch Lavis before he could hurt anyone.

The sheriff says corrections officers heard loud banging noises last night, and when they went outside, they saw Lavis in his SUV, ramming into the jail where there's a cell block .

As soon as Lavis saw the officer, he took off on a side street.

The sheriff's office followed up on some leads this morning that led them to Lavis on a private drive, in Kalkaska county.

The sheriff tells us it looks like only cosmetic damage to the building right now, but they're going to have it looked at and repaired.


A wild story out of Kalkaska county today where the sheriff says a man rammed a SUV into the jail.

A corrections officer first heard loud banging on the north wall of the around 10:30 last night.

He walked out and saw the SUV ramming into the wall trying to get into the cell block that houses prisoners.

The suspect saw the officer and took off.

The sheriff's officer later tracked down the suspect on a private road off Kniss Road in Oliver township.

The 45 year old was arrested without any problems. 

Police tell us the building is just fine.

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