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More Meth Labs Found in Northern Michigan

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Four meth lab dump sites were found in two days in Wexford County and Osceola County.

The Michigan State Police Cadillac Post received a call from someone walking in the woods who came across a suspicious bottle along E. 48 1/2 Road in Cherry Grove Township Thursday evening. The Traverse Narcotics Team said the bottle was being used as a one-pot meth lab and disposed of the bottle.

Yesterday, three separate incidents lead to meth lab dump sites. A Wexford County Deputy came across a suspicious plastic bottle near a cemetery in Boon. TNT believes it was part of a suspected one-pot meth lab.

A man walking his dogs in Haring Township called Wexford County Sheriff's Office after finding a possible dump site for a meth lab. TNT confirmed the site to be a meth lab dump site and cleaned up the site.

Michigan State Police Cadillac Post were contacted by a downstate man who found a suspicious object while he was at a family members gravesite in Hartwick Township, Osceola County. Troopers found the one-pot meth lab partially burned.

The Michigan State Police want to remind everyone that as weather conditions improve, more people will be in the woods, cleaning roadsides and visiting gravesites, to use caution if you encounter a suspicious object. Do not touch the items as they are extremely dangerous and to contact police right away.