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Special Report: Promising Future

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Students are getting the academic chance of a lifetime in one local community.

The program is called The Baldwin Promise College Access Center and it helps students get into college and pay for tuition.

The program is based in the city of Baldwin in Lake County.

So far, the program has enrolled more students in college than ever before and provided a way for many students who thought college was not an option.

The Baldwin Promise College Access Center is a combination of two programs in one. On one side, it exposes students to higher education through information and events. Then it also provides Baldwin graduates with up to $5,000 a year for four years of college regardless of merit or need.

Ayana Richardson is in charge of the program, which was implemented in 2009. It was started by Richard Simonson and Randy Howes.

The Baldwin Promise is one of 10 promise zones in Michigan, but Baldwin is the only rural community. The program is funded by the state as well as grants and donations.

Before the Baldwin Promise College Access Center, the average rate of students enrolling in college was 40 percent, now they are up to 59 percent enrollment. And this school year they have a 100 percent acceptance rate of those who applied to college.

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