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Pollination Begins as Beekeepers Deal with Colony Collapse Disorder

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As the country's bees continues to deal with Colony Collapse Disorder, northern Michigan bees are beginning to pollinate crops.

Fruit crops are starting to bloom and bees have been hard at work to ensure a good harvest.

Colony Collapse Disorder has caused as much as a third of the nation's bee population to disappear each winter over the past 7 years. Researchers are making progress on understanding the disorder which has killed millions of bees.

They think it could be caused by many factors including parasitic mites, viruses, bacteria, poor nutrition, and pesticides.

Farmers are hoping temperatures stay warm. Tart cherries are starting to blossom in some areas and bees do not pollinate as much in colder weather.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins have more on the northern Michigan bee population.