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Countdown to the Bayshore: Consistency is Key

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Exactly one month left until the bayshore marathon -- and this week, the runners in training are focusing on consistency.

They're beginning to keep a consistent diet and training regimen, to make sure they're prepared for the marathon.

This week, they toughed it out in the cold and rain, running 8 miles.

On Saturday, they'll run their longest training run so far, 21 miles.

After that, they'll work on pace and mileage ahead of the race.

 "Now more than ever in your training and daily life as a runner consistency is very important. With the race about 1 month away it is critical for you, both mentally and physically, to keep thing the same as they have been throughout your training. Distance runners are creatures of habit and it is vitally important that you continue to keep all your good habits consistent from now until race day. This means no drastic changes to your diet, no drastic changes to your shoes, and no drastic changes to your other cross training activities. Your body is used to training under certain daily living conditions and changing these conditions will negatively impact how it reacts to the stress of running. Just because race day is approaching does not mean you need to adjust your daily life or do anything different than you have been doing during all your weeks of training so far."