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UPDATE: Police Say 5 to 15 Dead in Texas Explosion

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UPDATE: Between 5 and 15 people have been killed in the Texas fertilizer plant explosion and more than 160 are injured.

Texas Police stay it's still not clear how many people are trapped in the rubble.

Officials are now in search and rescue mode, going from building to building to check for survivors.

Some firefighters are still missing.



We are closely following breaking news out of Texas this morning.

A fertilizer plant exploded around 7:30 local time and many are feared dead.

The blast could be heard at least 45 miles away and caused major damage to buildings in the area.

Emergency workers set up a triage unit at a local high school football field to help people who were hurt.

Police say there were so many injuries, troopers were loading patients into their patrol cars and taking them to the hospital.

Right now, officials aren't releasing any information on just how many people have been hurt or killed.

Homes and other buildings surrounding the plant caught fire after the explosion.

American Red Cross crews from across Texas are being sent to the site.

The West Fertilizer Plant is about 20 miles from Waco.