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UPDATE: Federal Officials Release Images of Suspects

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Investigators released a video of a man seen placing a bag at the site of the second bombing at the Boston Marathon.

He is described as a young white man wearing a white hat, carrying a backpack, and talking on a cell phone.

Security cameras at a Lord and Taylor store captured the man moments before the explosion.

Federal officials are now denying that a suspect is in custody for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

A law enforcement official who had been briefed on the investigation told news sources that an arrest has been made, but was not authorized to do so.

Even though the FBI and U.S. attorney's office in Boston say no arrest has been made, the official who spoke to media sources stands by the original statement.

We will have more information on the conflicting reports tonight on 9&10 News at 5:00 and 6:00.


Investigators in the Boston Bombings believe that they have identified a suspect.

After analyzing video that was recorded from a department store near the second explosion, police made a breakthrough in identifying the suspect.

Officers are calling it a significant breakthrough.


President Obama is calling the Boston Bombings an "act of terror" as the FBI works to find who is behind the deadly blasts.

It's a story 9&10 News has been following for you since it first broke, and it's having a numbing effect from Boston, to here in northern Michigan.

Three people are dead, and more than 175 are injured after the bombings rocked the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

17 of those victims are in critical condition.

Here is a look at what we have learned today:

  • Investigators now say the only bombs they found are the ones that blew up, there were no other explosives.
  • The bombs were made with pressure cookers packed will metal and ball bearings, that's why police believe so many people suffered very traumatic injuries.
  • FBI investigators are calling the crime scene the most complex in the city's history. They are asking anyone with video or photographs of the finish line to contact them as they search for clues.
  • Two of the three victims killed by the bombs have been named. 8 year old Martin Richard, and a Bedford, MAssachusetts woman named Krystle Campbell. The third victim has not yet been named. Martin was killed in the bombing after running to see his father at the finish line. His sister and mother were badly injured.


Around 2:00 a.m. this morning police were seen carrying several large bags from a suburban Boston apartment.

The apartment is located in Revere, Massachusetts, north of Boston.

Police have not disclosed what was in the bags.

The Revere Fire Department wrote on their facebook page that firefighters responded to the scene for "a person of interest."

The FBI is now leading the Boston Marathon investigation.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Terror and tragedy in Boston.

Three people were killed and 140 were injured yesterday after two explosions went off at the Boston Marathon.

We can now tell you one of those victims was an eight year old boy.

President Obama addressed the nation last night saying those responsible will feel "the full weight of justice."

Police say an 8 year old boy is one of two who died today after two explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

17 people are in critical condition, with a total of 132 injured.


2 deaths and 28 injures have been confirmed as a result of the explosions near the Boston Marathon finish line.

The first explosion happened around 2:45 p.m., after nearly 27,000 runners had already crossed the finish line, including two Traverse City residents.

Julie Moses had crossed the finish line just 9 minutes before the explosions went off.

We spoke with her on the phone and she is safe, but said the streets were full of smoke, screams, and people running in every direction.

Other runners were detoured from the finish line, away from the chaos.

Nothing has been confirmed, but the Boston Marathon organizers posted on their Facebook page saying that the explosions were caused by bombs.

Boston Police were investigating whether a 3rd explosion at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library is connected to the Boston Marathon explosions, but decided that the library explosion was related to mechanical problems.

Police forces around the country are stepping up security measures, and the Federal Aviation Administration is warning pilots that it has created a no-fly zone over the site of two explosions at the annual Boston Marathon.


Multiple people are injured after two explosions went off near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

The first explosion went off in Boston's Copley Square, and seconds later another explosion.

The cause of the explosions have yet to be determined.

Currently, some injured are being treated at a tent originally set up for fatigued runners.

We got a hold of one Traverse City woman who had run in the Boston Marathon, hear her first hand experience of the explosion tonight at 7:00.