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Federal Judge Rules Morning-After Pill Should Be Available Over the Counter

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A federal judge ruled that the morning after pill that prevents pregnancy should be available over the counter to women of all ages on Friday.

Currently women under the age of 17 need a prescription to obtain the morning after pill, but the new law will make it available over the counter.

Traverse City Planned Parenthood supports the decision and says this is about access and reducing risk for pregnancy and they support anything that decreases the risk of unattended pregnancies.

Emergency contraception pills like Plan B and Next Choice can be used up to three days after unprotected sex to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

On the other hand, not everyone agrees with the decision. The Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord disagrees and issued a statement that said in part. 

"The decision irresponsibly strikes a frightful blow to families, depriving parents of their rightful role to support and guide a daughter at a moment when she is most in need of their love."

Whether you are in favor or disagreement with the decision it will go into affect in 30 days. 
It is unclear if the department of justice will make an appeal.