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Countdown to the Bayshore: Building Muscle

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Only eleven weeks left to go for the Bayshore runners, and this week they were feeling results from all their hard work.

Runners worked on breaking down and building up muscle.

They ran through downtown Traverse City and some of them were coming back from a spring break vacation.

While one of the runners says she ran over her vacation, it isn't easy coming back and hitting the pavement.

Our coach Alison Goss has this week's tip on how to deal with some of the pains that come with building new muscle:

"At this point in your training, as your mileage ramps up and the workouts get more challenging, you may find that you are waking up most mornings after a hard/long run a little sore, stiff, and fatigued. This is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness(DOMS) and is perfectly normal and even expected when training for an endurance event like a half or full marathon. Over time during these last few weeks of training, as your muscles continue to adapt, grow, and strength, you will find that workouts and runs that once brought on DOMS will feel easier and not result in any sort of discomfort. This means you are getting stronger, more fit, and that much closer to your Bayshore goal!"