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Countdown to the Bayshore: Goals

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Only eight weeks left until the big Bayshore race, and this week, it's all about focus.

The runners are just over halfway done with their training, and now is the most important time to focus on their goals.

Their running coach says everyone seemed to be right on track this week, and they're stressing the importance of staying positive.

After running hills and flat land, now they're working on keeping their pace.

Coach Alison Goss has this weeks training tip: 

"With only 8 weeks to go until Bayshore, if you have not set or committed to your race goal, now is the time to do it. Whether it is to finish in a certain time or simply to cross the finish line, a goal will give you a positive target to aim your training focus. Goals should be challenging, but achievable with hard work and dedication. Having a goal will also allow you to zero in on your training paces from here on out as well. Once you have determined your goal it is helpful to place little goal reminders around your home or work space. Write your goal on sticky note and put them all over your house. Put a picture of the Bayshore logo as your desktop background at work. Little reminders of your goal all around you will help you keep focused during this final push toward Bayshore!"