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Community Stepping Up to Help High Schooler With Cancer

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A community quick to give when they found out a neighbor was diagnosed with cancer.

Nathan Compo is a senior at Roscommon High School and has been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer.

Roscommon's first instinct was to help Nathan and his family in any way they could.

The 17-year-old found out about the cancer in February. His fellow Roscommon basketball players and the entire student body rallied around him.

This week he visited a doctor in Indianapolis who helped cure Lance Armstrong. Nathan will be undergoing generic chemotherapy that the Indianapolis doctor came out with. Nathan will find out tomorrow if he starts chemotherapy on Monday, right now he has stage 2 cancer.

A Roscommon High School teacher is trying to raise $500 by next Friday for the Compo family and if she does she will shave her head. The school will be hosting an alumni basketball game between Grayling and Roscommon and a spaghetti dinner on April 13.

Dave Smith's Barber Shop in Roscommon is also having a fundraiser on April 8th from 12:00-6:00 pm. All proceeds from haircuts will be donated to the Compo family.  

9&10's Katie Boomgaard and photojournalist Jeff Blevins talked with the community about what they are doing to raise money to help Nathan through his cancer battle.