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UPDATE: Michigan State Police Investigate Sickness

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We have an update now on the sickness investigation that started after a youth wrestling event Saturday at Gaylord High School.

Michigan State Police learned of 3 children who had flu-like symptoms after the event.

One boy threw up 2 pills, and his parents wondered if it has something to do with the pizza he ate at the school.

State Police analyzed the pills, and determined they were not a drug, but likely some kind of vitamin instead.

They do not believe the food had been tampered with.


An investigation is underway after at least four children became sick after a youth wrestling meet at Gaylord High School, Saturday.

It's unclear at this point how the children got sick, but that is something the Michigan State Police is working to figure out.

One mother tells 9&10 News her son ended up throwing up two pills.

She says the last thing he had eaten was pizza from the concession stand.

At this point, a Michigan State Police Sergeant says they have no evidence to believe that the illness is related to any kind of food.

The Michigan State Police is working to analyze the pills, but that's a process they say could take a while.

Though the event was not school-sponsored, the Gaylord Schools Superintendent says they are cooperating with investigators.