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UPDATE: Two Involved in a Wexford Co. Home Invasion Confess

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Derek White was sentenced Monday.  He pleaded guilty to planning to rob a man.

White has been sentenced to 1 year for unarmed robbery and being a habitual offender.  

In addition, White will be on probation for 36 months. 


9&10 News has an update on the shooting and break-in in Cedar Creek Township in March. 

Sara Ostrander pleaded guilty to multiple crimes including home invasion and assault. 

Ostrander has been sentenced to 1 year for first-degree home invasion and aggravated assault, and 36 months probation. 


In this update, two people involved in a shooting and home invasion in Wexford county admitted to their role in the crimes.

It happened back in March in Cedar Creek Township.

Police say four people got into the man's house and shot him.

This week, Derek White plead guilty to planning to rob a man, and to being a habitual offender.

Sara Ostrander plead guilty to a number of crimes including home invasion and assault.

Police say Ostrander and White along with Kari Ostrander and Robert Smith are all charged for the assault.


We have new information about a shooting in Wexford County that ended with one man in the hospital, and four other people in jail.

State Police say it happened in Cedar Creek Township on Saturday.

Police say Robert Smith, Derek White, Kari Ostrander, and Sara Ostrander assaulted the 55 year old victim at his home, and one shot him in the leg during the struggle. According to police, the suspects went to the house with intentions of stealing items in the home.

The man escaped to another house and was taken to Munson Medical Center.

Police say the victim knew all four people involved.

All four have been arrested.

Smith is charged with multiple crimes including attempted murder.

White, and Kari and Sara Ostrander are all charged with conspiracy to commit home invasion, conspiracy to commit robbery, and accessory after the fact, to a felony.