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UPDATE: Mackinac Island Has A Short Term Solution to Gas Shortages

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A short term solution to the Mackinac Island gas shortage is just a day away.

The fuel supplier, Island Hardware, ran out of gas Friday but the owner says there should be more tomorrow.

The owner tells 9&10 News, Mackinac Island State Park is going to sell him 1,000 gallons of gas.

Rationing will continue however, with each person allowed just 2 gallons of gas per day.

That 1,000 gallons is expected to last around 8 days until hopefully the ice will clear enough for the ferry to bring over more.

Islanders rely on the gas this time for year for their snowmobiles.


What islanders on Mackinac Island have in their fuel tanks right now, is all that's left.

This time of year many get around on snowmobiles, but the fuel supplier on the island ran out earlier today.

The owner of Island Hardware tells 9&10 News he's working with the Coast Guard and Arnold Transit to try and get some more fuel on the island.

He says he has room to hold 10,000 gallons of fuel through the months when the boats don't run, but he says consumption this year has been up.