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Countdown to the Bayshore: Running Journals

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The Bayshore Marathon is just 11 weeks away and this week, the runners in training hit the flat path.

Last week the runners we are following ran hills, and this week was a test to see how their form is coming along.

Their running coach says they are testing the waters before their long distance run, but the runners are all making great progress.

She says it gets easier as the snow and ice start to disappear.

In tonight's web tip, our coach Alison Goss explains how keeping track of your runs can be a huge help:

"While preparing for a race it is important for runners to keep track of what they are running. Runners can do this by keeping a simple running journal in a notebook, maintain a running specific log that can be purchased at running specialty store, or log their runs on various online run trackers. No matter what avenue they choose, keeping a journal is a valuable training tool. Journals entries should include things such as daily mileage, run time, overall feeling during the run, road/trail conditions, weather, and pre/post run nutrition. This information will help runners see what is working best for them in their training and what aspects might need to be adjusted. The biggest benefit of journaling is that it allows runners to visibly see how their training has progressed and that it can help pinpoint possible causes of injury if they arise."