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Countdown To the Bayshore: Running in Winter Weather

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We're counting down to the Bayshore Marathon coming up this spring, and this week the miles are getting longer, and the runners in training are getting sued to a more rigorous track.

This week, the group tackled hills.

The lesson from coach, Alison Goss, was to ensure good form when running up and down hills.

Goss says it's also important to stretch and ice your muscles now that runs are longer.

We've been following runner, Carolyn Weeks, through the process.

She calls this week the "meat and potatoes" of their training, and said the hills actually make their run a bit easier.

Coach Goss gave us some extra tips on how to survive training through the winter weather:

Winter weather leaves running surfaces slushy, icy, slick, and challenging for runners. Running in these conditions can leave your muscles tight, sore, and overall unhappy. Luckily, there are things runners can do to get back on good terms with their bodies. Above all else, stretching while training is going to be the key to staying injury free and maintaining that good relationship with your muscles. Take the time to stretch the main muscle groups used during running (legs, glutes, and backs) after each run. A good easy 10 minute stretching session can make all the difference in the world post run. Self massage with foam rollers, massage sticks, or simply your own thumbs helps to work out muscle knots and relieve tension allowing your muscle to function more fluidly. Ice baths, though not the most fun, help to decrease inflammation in muscles and other body tissues thus decreasing pain. These simple things help you maintain your overall muscle health while training and can help keep those little aches and pains from creeping up.

Tune in next week for another tip as we continue to Countdown to the Bayshore.