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Nearly 100 Camp Grayling Employees Could Be Furloughed

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Camp Grayling could see a quarter of its full-time staff furloughed if congress does not act.

The federal government would require nearly 100 employees at the Crawford County military base to take unpaid time off if a budget deal isn't reached by Friday.

The furloughs would affect federal technicians who work on base. Many people at Camp Grayling work in both a civilian and military role.

The city says the base funds a full-time firefighter and is concerned what this would mean for the tax base if cuts are made permanent.

If the furloughs are put in place, they would likely not go into effect until the middle of April. Many people in Grayling are hopeful everything will be worked out soon.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on what furloughs could mean for the local economy.