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Central Michigan University Police Step up Security After Armed Robberies

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Central Michigan University is stepping up security because of a string of armed robberies in the area.

Campus police are increasing patrols and notifying students with e-mails and texts. The university has also increased its "Safe Rides" program.

On Monday, officers were going around campus telling university retailers about the threat. C.M.U. says it is always looking at how to better protect students, visitors, and staff.

"If somebody is demanding cash or whatever it might be to turn that over to the suspect and basically be a good witness. We don't want anybody getting hurt," said Lt. Larry Klaus of the Central Michigan University Police Department.

Mount Pleasant Schools took extra precautions by monitoring everyone coming in and out of the buildings. Administrators also canceled recess.

Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Tony Zyber have more on how the university is responding to the armed robberies.