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Local Soldiers Will Be Impacted By Troop Drawdown

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The President's plan to bring US military members home from Afghanistan will have an impact on many in Northern Michigan.

Local veterans say the drawdown is long overdue, and they look forward to these soldiers coming home.

Richard Gibbons, a Vietnam veteran from Reed City, says, "I think most of the folks around here would like to see sons or daughters or whoever be out of harm's way."

Jay Richley, a Vietnam veteran from Cadillac, agrees, "We always have to remember too, that for every person that's in the military, there's also a family back home. I'm sure there's a lot people that are very, very happy to hear this, and they'll even be a little happier the day they come home."

9 & 10's Meredith Barack and photojournalist Tony Zyber spoke with the two veterans about why they the President made the right decision.