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Riverfront Homeowners Continue Clean Up After Flood

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It has been a week and a half since the Muskegon River swallowed up a Mecosta County neighborhood.

This morning, the water has receded for the most part, in the Rogers Heights' neighborhood.

Now, people living there are checking out the damage and trying to figure out what they can do to save their homes.

Melissa Hartline's basement was completely flooded two weeks ago.

Today, water still flows through the basement, but not nearly as bad as it was.

Other homes close to the river weren't as fortunate and had up to 3 feet of water flowing through the main floor.

"There's just water all in the walls right now.  We got the carpet all ripped out and everything all cleaned up and dried out, and now we just have to get rid of the mold and I think we're set to go for next summer," says John Ropolewski, owner of flooded cottage.

The next big test will be when the snow and ice begin to thaw.

Water levels could rise and create another catastrophe with the River's current conditions.