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UPDATE: Onaway Taxpayers Weigh In On Budget Deficit

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In this update, the City of Onaway continues to look for ways to eliminate its budget deficit.

For the past four years, the city manager says they've had a deficit of more than $50,000 because of a decrease in revenue.

The city asked taxpayers for help making the difficult decisions by sending surveys out last month.

The City Manager shared the results of those surveys at a commission meeting today, and the feedback was split among the 52-percent of those who responded.

While some added their own suggestions on the survey, the city asked taxpayers to consider three options: eliminate their one-man police department, turn roads back to gravel, or increases taxes.

Without strong direction one way or another from taxpayers, the commissioners and mayor are back to where they started.

The earliest they will make any final decisions related to the budget is April.