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Feedback at 5:00: Online Classes

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We pay bills, make video calls, watch videos, and keep in contact with each other online.

Now an online learning program may help college students save money and graduate faster.

Massive Online Open Courses, MOOCS for short, are purely taught online and let you receive academic credit.

The pilot program through San Jose University lets students watch videos and then take quizzes.

Right now, all of the classes are entry level math and cost $150 each. It costs about $2,000 to take them on campus.

Only Veterans, high school students, and a select few others are able to join.

Mentors are available to help students from dropping the class.

In the future, they hope to let more people enroll.

Have you or would you take an online course to get your degree? Do you prefer in class learning or online learning? It's tonight's "Feedback at 5:00."