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UPDATE: Kalkaska Police Officer Sentenced

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A Village of Kalkaska Police Officer was sentenced today, after assaulting his neighbor over the summer.

Sergeant Glen Artress was sentenced 5 days in jail, four months probation, and more than $600 in fines, after pleading no contest to assault and battery charges.

Upon sentencing, aggravated assault charges were dismissed.

Artress was put on paid leave in August when the incident happened, but has since gone back to work.


In this update, a Kalkaska Village Police Officer has pled no contest to an assault charge.

Last August, Sergeant Glenn Artress was charged with the crime after Michigan State Police say he assaulted a neighbor.

He was placed on paid leave for several months before returning back to work.

A no contest plea means Artress doesn't admit guilt, but accepts the punishment.

The crime carries a possible 93 day jail sentence.

Artress will be sentenced sometime in February.