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Police Stress Safety on Roads During Poor Conditions

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Slippery roads kept police busy yesterday, as they worked to take care of eight accidents in Grand Traverse County, alone.

And, in the midst of responding to those accidents, they have to keep themselves safe.

One of the eight accidents was a serious head-on collision, on US-31 and Betsie River Road.

Poor road conditions were at least partially to blame.

During a hectic day like yesterday, police are also focused on making sure they stay safe on the roads, as well.

     "Most of our cars are rear wheel drive, so we do have snow tires.  Without the snow tires, our rear wheel drive car is almost useless, so we do, we take more caution.  We know that making a left hand turn is gonna be a little trickier and we can't use the same speed," says Rich Hall from the Michigan State Police.

Police say when they have big case loads like today, they try to determine the severity of the accident right away, so they can keep moving when necessary.