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Goodwill Inn Gives Shelter to Homeless During Frigid Temperatures

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Temperatures are just about as low as they go, this time of year, making it nearly unbearable to be outside.

But, those without a roof over their heads can seek warmth at shelters like Safe Harbor and the Goodwill Inn, in Traverse City.

The Goodwill Inn serves over 700 people each year, most from right in their own community.

Elizabeth Post is the Program Director for the Goodwill Inn and says,

     "It's freezing out this week, and so I think it's especially important that the Goodwill Inn Shelter is here, to provide not just shelter and meals and basic needs, but also support services.  So, people can really get back on their feet."

The Goodwill Inn works to get people back on their feet as quickly as possible, by providing ongoing case management.

     "We work really hard with out guests to make sure they have everything they need to be successful after they leave here, especially when we're having temperatures like this.  We would not want anybody to be homeless on the streets, after they leave."

And it is obvious that those who use shelters like this one really appreciate it.

The Goodwill Inn says they are in need of men's gloves and hats.

They want to make sure that they are able to give them to everyone who needs them.