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Accident Reconstructionist Involved in Eric Ramsey Investigation

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In this new twist, 9&10 News has learned the weapon investigators say Eric Ramsey used to abduct a Central Michigan University student was a BB gun.

Investigators say Eric Ramsey held the weapon to the woman's head and forced her to drive to a nearby home, where he raped her.

The student was kidnapped in the parking lot of the Student Activity Center, in Mount Pleasant, Wednesday night.

She eventually got away by jumping out of the moving SUV and going to a nearby home for help.

Ramsey then tried to light that home on fire.

A few hours later, a Michigan State Police Sergeant in Gaylord noticed that SUV sitting in a parking lot.

He thought it looked suspicious and when he approached it, investigators say Ramsey rammed into his patrol SUV.

Ramsey ended up ditching the student's vehicle and stole a sanitation truck.

Things came to an end in Frederic after Ramsey smashed into the back of a different Michigan State Police car, and then collided with a deputies patrol car.

That deputy shot and killed Ramsey.

State Police say ramming a police car is considered deadly force.

Today, an accident reconstructionist took a closer look at the cars involved.

9&10's Christina Vecchioni and photojournalist Eric Davis have more details on what he's looking for.