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Feed Back at 5:00: Athletes and Drug Use Consequences

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Lance Armstrong is the most recent athlete who has performance enhancing drugs tainting his resume.

Lance admitted to using performance enhancing drugs for years, helping him win a record 7 Tour de France Titles.

A few weeks ago, the Baseball Hall of Fame did not elect any new members because this year's eligible class is known as one of the first "Steroid Era" classes.

Legendary players like Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds were all denied entry into the Hall of Fame because of links to steroid use.

But some people say it shouldn't matter that much, noting that the drugs used by players were not technically "illegal" when they used them.

In the wake of all the performance enhancing drug stories, we ask you in tonight's Feedback at 5:00:

Should athletes who are linked to these types of drugs be stripped of their medals and/or championships? Should they be banned from the Hall of Fame?