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Missaukee County Holds Educational Meeting About Fracking

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Questions and concerns addressed in a community, where the process of "Fracking" is already happening.

People in Missaukee County had the chance to attend an educational meeting, Wednesday night.

Experts from MSU Extension and the DEQ presented facts about "Fracking," hoping to answer any questions people might have.

County officials say they have been getting mixed feedback about the process.

The DEQ says they have heard concerns about water contamination, but that has not happened in any of the projects, in Michigan.

     "People aren't really sure what the impact would be.  We're a small little community, very few motels, very few restaurants, so we are going to just get a little bit more information, so we know what could happen," says Carolyn Flore, the Missaukee County Clerk.

The county says there has been interest from companies about "Fracking," in the County.

They say owners should educate themselves before entering into a mineral rights agreement.