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TEAM COVERAGE: Central Michigan University Abduction

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One of the two vehicles rammed by the suspected driver. One of the two vehicles rammed by the suspected driver.
One of the two vehicles rammed by the suspected driver. One of the two vehicles rammed by the suspected driver.

The woman was saved when she fled to a home south of Mt. Pleasant where three kids were home alone.

They let her in to hide from her kidnapper and call 9-1-1 before he set the home on fire.

9&10's Eric Lloyd and Photojournalist's Corey Adkins and Joel Deaner paid a visit to the woman's rescuers.


9&10's Kyle Mitchell and Photojournalist Jacob Johnson show us how the police say the series of crimes in three counties came to an end.


9&10's Evan Dean and Photojournalist Jeff Blevins visited the campus of Central Michigan University to see how students and CMU police feel about the situation.


9 & 10 News is learning new details on the kidnapping of a Central Michigan University student.

The Isabella County Sheriff's Department says Eric Ramsey of Isabella County is suspected of abducting a female student at gunpoint has been located and is no longer at large.

This image was taken from Ramsey's Facebook page stating, "Well folks, I'm about to get shot."

Investigators say around 10:30 p.m., last night, the Central Michigan University Police Department received a report of an abduction at gunpoint that occurred in the parking lot of the Student Activity Center.

The sheriff says the victim was forced to drive her own vehicle towards the Shepherd area until she was taken into a house and sexually assaulted.

The victim was then thrown into the car with cans of gasoline and the suspect told her that he was going to kill her.

She then jumped out of the moving vehicle and ran towards a nearby house that let her in.

From there she called 9-1-1.

Only three kids were home at the time the oldest being 14, and the youngest being 2.

The suspect followed her, poured gasoline on the house and set it on fire.

A few moments later, the father of the children returned home and put the fire out.

The suspect then took off.

Around 2:50 a.m. a Michigan State Police Trooper from the Gaylord post noticed a suspicious vehicle near the post office.

The man in that vehicle started ramming the trooper's patrol car and damaged it so badly the trooper couldn't follow the suspect.

Police later found the suspicious vehicle which had run off the road through a fence on Grandview.

The suspect had ditched the vehicle and stolen a flatbed truck from Aero Sanitation.

Troopers ran across the truck on Old 27 North, when it began ramming a police cruiser leaving the vehicles wedged together.

The suspect tried to back the truck up but couldn't.

Deputies fired at the suspect but the gun jammed.

The Deputy then fired with his hand gun, killing the suspect.

Medical examiners are still on the scene along with the Grayling crime lab.

Old 27 has now been reopened and the scene is cleared.

Live reports from Mt. Pleasant and Crawford County are coming up on 9&10 News at Noon. We will also bring you the latest updates on online and tonight at 5 and 6.