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MORE DETAILS: Mackinac Island Designates Two New Historic Districts

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9&10 News has more details on what two new historic districts in downtown Mackinac Island will mean for the island.

Mayor Margaret Doud, who didn't have a vote on the matter, says the island is a living, breathing, year round community, but they can't lose sight of their historic beginnings.

She tells 9&10 News the new ordinances will help preserve the island's history, and that a historic commission will consider renovation or demolition requests on a case by case basis.

Mayor Pro Tem Jason St. Onge, one of those who voted in support of the districts, says you can always change an ordinance, but you can't bring buildings back.

9&10's Christina Vecchioni and photojournalist Eric Davis have more after visiting the island today.


In this update, the Mackinac Island City Council just voted to designate two historic districts in the downtown area.

The decisions came after a five to one vote at this afternoon's city council meeting.

The two local historic districts will cover the downtown area, and the area west of downtown to the school.

People within the districts will have to follow guidelines when making changes to their buildings.

This will mainly have to do with the outside appearance.