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Blair Township Discusses Charging Neighboring Townships for Assisting With Calls

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A local township board talked about whether or not they should charge other townships, when they provide fire services.

9&10 News was at that meeting tonight, where the Blair Township and the Fire Department unanimously agreed to go ahead with the Cost Recovery Plan.

The Blair Township Fire Department in Grand Traverse County, often responds to emergencies in neighboring townships and it's costing them, so they have decided to begin charging.

They will now take the variety of calls that the fire department responds to and will put them into categories, and assign a value.

There would also be a reciprocal charge when outside townships assist the Blair Township Fire Department.

     "So, if we get dispatched to go to their township for a car fire, there'll be a charge for that car fire.  And, if they come to our township to help us with a car fire, it'll be the same charge."

The Board and Fire Department will start devising the Cost Recovery Plan, tomorrow.