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People Using Motorized Vehicles to "Off Road" Damaging TART Trails

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The TART Trails have been damaged by people using motorized vehicles to "Off Road."

The Vasa Trail in Grand Traverse County, saw significant damage overnight and they want it to stop.

Signs are posted along the TART Trails, forbidding motorized vehicles from operating on them.

The Vasa Trail appears to be the only one with the damage.

The staff at Tart Trails and those who use them are looking for answers as to who is misusing the trails, as it causes a hazard for skiers and others.

Julie Clark, the Executive Director of the Tart Trails says,

     "I encourage anybody, if they do see this activity happening, or if they know who might be doing this to please contact the Sheriff or contact the DNR; or tell your friends to stop, because it's damaging."

Last night, groomers were repairing the Vasa Trail until around 1, in the morning.