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Missing Man Found at Caberfae Peaks

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Lost for several hours in the bitter cold, a skier in Wexford county is safe and warm this morning, after a close-call with Mother Nature.

The 71-year-old found himself disoriented after coming to the bottom of a slope at Caberfae Peaks.

The man somehow made his way into the National Forest surrounding the resort, then onto the resort's golf course.

The man had his cell phone on him and was able to call for help.

The ski patrol says it's always important to be prepared for anything.

     "Be prepared for what you're doing and if something doesn't feel right, back out of it before you get into it, quite that far.   He did a good job of getting himself back in, because that's a huge forest out there and it could have been a really bad outcome, but in this case it was a very good outcome," says Cassie Proctor, a Ski Patrol Member at Caberfae Peaks.

They said the man was wearing a helmet and other appropriate ski gear.

His ability to keep warm and continue moving potentially saved his life.

Emergency crews located him and brought him to safety.