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Newly Elected Sheriffs Take Office This Week

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For 16 Michigan Counties, there is a new sheriff in town.

Newly elected sheriffs take office this week, and one of those 16 is Ted Schendel, in Benzie County.

He took over for a retiring Rory Heckman yesterday, and already feels the weight of the position.

Schendel spent 30 years with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, before returning to his childhood home in Benzie County, where he has been running the Marine and Snowmobile Divisions at the Department.

Heckman told Schendel that he would be a perfect candidate for Sheriff and the people agreed, voting him into office in the November Election.

It is a position riddled with budget shortfalls, but he comes with a commitment to his County.

     "My challenge and what I campaigned on, was to ensure that they have a safe environment, not only for their own families and children, but to all the people that come to Benzie County that we rely on for our income," Schendel said.

This is not Shendel's first dabble in politics.

In fact, in 2010 he ran for Congress, losing to Bill Huizenga in the Republican Primary.