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Michigan Congressman React to Fiscal Cliff Fix

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Two Michigan congressmen weighed in immediately after the house vote on New Years day.

Congressman Dave Camp praised the decision to protect middle class families from higher tax cuts. But he said it is now important to reform the country's tax code to make things more fair and simpler for families and small business.

In a statement Camp says, "Over a decade ago, Republicans acted to provide working Americans with substantial tax relief. That tax relief included lower tax rates, an enhanced child tax credit and relief from the marriage penalty, just to name a few provisions. Today, we have acted to make those tax cuts permanent – protecting middle-class Americans from the higher tax rates that were in place when President Bill Clinton occupied the White House. Now that we have prevented a Democrat tax increase, the Ways and Means Committee will lead the effort to reform our tax code to make it simpler and fairer for families and small businesses, while also making American businesses and workers more competitive in the global marketplace."

"With the revenue piece settled, Washington must now turn to solving the rest of the fiscal cliff – the out of control spending that has led to record debt and deficits under President Obama."

Meanwhile, congressman Bill Huizenga says while the measure is commendable, the legislation just further delays a serious attempt to solve a growing spending and debt crisis.

Huizenga quoted saying, "While the measure includes some commendable permanent tax relief provisions, overall this legislation further delays a serious attempt to solve our growing spending and debt crisis. For too long we have seen Washington play out its own version of the classic 'Peanuts' cartoon where Lucy promises Charlie Brown she won't pull the football away, yet she does every time. President Obama and Senate Democrats continue to promise to deliver serious spending cuts, but the cuts never come. It is time for my colleagues in Washington to realize that adding more to the deficit and then somehow calling it a victory is not what America needs."