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Northern Michigan Residents Speak Up About "Right To Work"

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Northern Michigan residents have plenty to say about what's happening in Lansing.

9&10 News reporter Kyle Mitchell and photojournalist Joel Deaner spoke with people in Harrison and Cadillac tonight, about the "Right to Work" Legislation.

Supporters say, "Right to Work" makes Michigan more competitive for business and will help bring new industry to the State.

They say unions should not be able to force employees to pay dues, who do not want to be a member.

People against "Right to Work," say it will set back progress made in the Labor Movement.

They also say non-union workers would unfairly get the benefits of Union Collective Bargaining, without having to pay dues.

Many on that side see it as an attack on workers rights.

Most people on either side, didn't think this legislation would pass before the end of the year.