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DEVELOPING NEWS: One "Right to Work" Bill Passes

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We've just learned that one of the "Right-to-Work" bills has passed.

Governor Rick Snyder and GOP leaders will push for passage of the right-to-work legislation in the next few days.

The Michigan House voted 58-52 to approve a bill barring unions from collecting mandatory fees from non-members.

Governor Snyder says the bills will be introduced on Thursday. He says it's about freedom for workers and is not meant to harm unions.

State police have arrested 8 and used pepper spray on several protestors outside the Michigan State Capitol.

The Capitol closed its doors earlier today for a couple of hours while hundreds of protestors tried to make their way in but a judge ordered the Capitol to reopen their doors to the public despite safety concerns.

The bill will protect both private and public workers, an exception will be granted for police and firefighters.

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